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Jeudi, 05 Novembre 2009 04:03
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POSITIFS is an association fighting AIDS. Created in 09/08/1989, it is in majority constitued by seropositive persons. About fifteen persons are active members (among them also medical advisors), all of them volunters and 200 persons are subscribers. The association purpose is to be interested in all subjects concerning AIDS, and to consitute critical analysis on all problems and situations that rose among with AIDS, and particularly all about the treatments.

The major activity of the association is to publish and distribute a newspaper (Sida Tout Va Bien) approaching all of AIDS sides (informations and prevention), but also drugs addiction and hepatitis C. The items about medical subjects are writen by the medical advisors from POSITIFS, signing under the fictitious name : Dr J. Avicenne. We specially try to make items about all the known ways to treat AIDS wich potentially are interesting (officials, in experiment, complementary or the so-called alternatives one).

An index from the items has been achieved in N° 22 of Sida Tout Va Bien. We try our best to diffuse our informations in the maximum option:

  • 3 000 exemplars are diffused in all France by postmail:
  • 200 exemplars are diffused abroad
  • 1 500 are given in ten documentation centers for a free diffusion (Grenoble, Lille, Montauban, Nantes, Paris).

To get a wider diffusion, we have permitted to all the editors of any newspapers, to print our items, and our newspaper is now also listed on database (Archive für Sozial politik in Frankfurt, Ahrtag in London). The outcoming of Sida Tout Va Bien takes place about every 3 month. In a few ones we realise Supplements. The subscritpion for 4 exemplars and 4 Supplements is 200 FF (taxes included).

People who are seropositives, people concerned by drug addiction or their closes, can since the 03/04/1996 contact (in French language) the new telephone line Positifs-Info-Service-Écoute (PISE). This line who's got POSITIFS specificity is a plus along the one created yet, since we have a lot of calls. If we wanna talk, ask questions, or share your various problems, then call Positifs-Info-Service- Écoute (PISE).

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