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At the moment, the challenging molecule to elucidate its chemical structure with the modern scientific tools is giving fascinating benefits to HIV patients but the world reputed HIV scientists not turning their face towards it and it was repeatedly rejected many times by the scientific journals and International conferences in spite of attracting the HIV individuals hearts.

The Uniqueness of Prakasine could be built more and more like, the world first metal complex could be administered orally without any adverse effects, nanoscale metal complex, the molecules are made only with biomolecules with one metal atom, one molecule able to eliminate HIV and cancer, cumulative immunostimulant and so on.

As a veterinary surgeon, Dr.S.K.Prakash started his antiviral research from herbs of Tamil Traditional Medicine to the application of Gumboro Disease of birds in 1993. After the successful application in birds, as an allopathy veterinary doctor started doing research in Tamil Traditional medicine and applied to HIV patients. Slowly, he started handling metallic preparations with herbs mentioned as a special type of medicine, later he developed his own logic to develop nanoscale metal complexes of biomolecules. Simultaneously, he developed himself academically to the level of a scientist with the qualifications of Master and doctoral degrees in biotechnology, later with nanotechnology in addition to medical  knowledge.

More than100 patients from Asia, America, Africa, Australia and  European continents are taking this treatment now. Out of this more than100, almost 28 patients have got HIV integrated DNA "not detected" level. Only three patients are struggling without improvement since they came to this treatment  when their CD4 cells level below 25. Normally, after the treatment failure for one particular disease, people use to go to advanced countries

biotechnology, later with nanotechnology in addition to medical  knowledge.

More than100 patients from Asia, America, Africa, Australia and  European continents are taking this treatment now. Out of this more than100, almost 28 patients have got HIV integrated DNA "not detected" level. Only three patients are struggling without improvement since they came to this treatment  when their CD4 cells level below 25. Normally, after the treatment failure for one particular disease, people use to go to advanced countries like USA and Europe. But here, after ART failure, the people started going to Namakkal, a small town in South India.The Prakasine has been engineered as non-toxic. None of the patients reported adverse effects expect mild acidity among the patients those who already have ulcer complaints. Rest of the people are enjoying the treatment.

At the end of three years of treatment with Prakasine, almost patients become like normal non-HIV patients. After that, they will be waiting for any one of the following.

1.Viral Remission

2. Functional Cure

3. Permanent cure

Proposed Action and Mechanism towards HIV Cure

Since Prakasine collectively increases the immunity and HIV antibody levels as well, the followings might be the combined action towards the cure.

1.Stimulation of dis-integrase enzyme to dis integrate the HIV integrated DNA from already embedded human host genome.

2.The increased number of CTL  (Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes) might destroy the virus harbouring cells continuously and eliminate  HIV genome.

3.The increased HIV neutralising antibodies  may act like therapeutic vaccine and eliminate HIV completely.

To understand and confirm the mechanism of action, as an ordinary independent scientist without laboratory facilities, it is very hard to perform experiments when huge labs do not have this kind of drugs. Since there is no infrastructure to conduct advanced research, this invention is facing a lot of challenges among the people those who do not wish it to come up for clinical applications.


HIV Cure Scientist

Naval AIDS Research Centre,

104,Fort Main Road,Namakkal-637001



C.106bis- Look at the 21 ° International AIDS Conference Durban -AIDS 2016- 18-22 July 2016

This global conference, major trade show serving the interests of pharmaceutical lobbies, brought together 18,000 participants and more than 2,000 oral and poster presentations of very disparate interests. Unfortunately from clinical research (18% of presentations) fell since the last conference in favor of prevention, epidemiology, social, legal and human rights.
The congress recalled the commitment to reach the goal 90-90-90 (90% of those diagnosed, 90% of diagnosed treated, 90% with undetectable viral load) .Today 17million diagnosed (less than 50 %), 46% and 38% treated undetectable.
The funding needed to reach the goal 90-90-90 peak at more than $ 19 billion next year, but then drop to 18 billion in 2020.
For prevention, PrEP remains highly recommended for those most at risk, while the insignificant cost and no toxicity of condom is not subject to any effective campaign. Circumcision was the subject of numerous presentations while one study shows that male circumcision does not protect the contamination of the woman (THPEC215)

One study (THPEB063), delayed for six years by the ANRS, based on the results published by Prof. J Leibowitch compares treatment 7days over 7 to a 4-day treatment over 7 with 2 nucleosides plus a protease inhibitor / ritonavir or INNRTI. Over a period of 48 weeks the two arms of the trial lead to 96% to an undetectable viral load. The delay in the implementation of this trial is wrong and shows the dysfunction and lack of reactivity of the ANRS that by this delay has led an unnecessary cost to our health care system and compounded the adverse effects of triple therapy to patients. Note finally that a study presented at CROI (C.94) in 2015 showed that treatment 2 days over 7 was just as effective. With the possibility of drastic health savings with this protocol, it would be possible to finance without extra effort the goal 90-90-90!
The recommendations of the WHO still at the orders of lobbies, remain  to treat all HIV-positive immediately upon testing , whatever his HIV status, regardless of CD4 count (THPEB057) and integrate PrEP in preventing.
Very few presentations without major interest, concern complementary and traditional medicine treatments (one would like to know the level of censorship of works submitted in this area!)
A presentation on micronutrient supplementation and antioxidants interest is in step with the reality of patients. Indeed while the seropositivity is accompanied by obvious deficits (beta-carotene, B, C, E vitamins and Selenium, Copper, Zinc, anti-oxidants), study (THPEB081) compares a group with a supplementation adjusting to the daily dose recommended and strongly supplemented group. The authors observed no difference, which does not imply that supplementation  is  irrelevant.
Other findings on the benefits of physical activity (THPEB080) bring nothing compared to published studies over 10 years
In herbal medicine, two studies:
- One on the Moringa oleifera leaf (THPEB078) shows combined with antivirals, a subclinical effect with weight gain
-One on Naringin (WEPEB095) .This natural substance allows to reverse the dysfunction of beta-pancreatic cells associated with protease inhibitors.
A breakthrough in the diagnosis is made by the self-test. Thus a study of gay and bisexual (fRAC0102) shows that the self-test can double the rate of people diagnosed

The cure of HIV appears to be a priority for research, but it continues to explore ways in deadlock (a drug to awaken the latent reservoirs of cells infected with HIV, a drug to prevent the spread of HIV, and a third drug to prevent HIV from infecting new cells when stimulated latent reservoirs).
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has even ventured to say that research on HIV cure was at about the same stage that the anti-HIV treatment in 1990 .
It is amazing that the work of Dr. Prakash (C.92 on this site) who cured dozens of patients, with more than 6 years without treatment for the first patient treated, are neither considered nor checked and the abstract he has submitted to this conference has been denied!
Regarding prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines no significant progress has emerged from this conference , while the author of a promising therapeutic vaccine was not even invited to this conference. We must indeed remind the therapeutic vaccine developed by E.P.Loret (C.104 on this site), vaccine ignored in this conference and denigrated in the press without any qualms and scientific argument by Prof. J.F Delfraissy, Director of ANRS. It reproaches the authors of this patent not having published in major scientific journals such as Nature, NEJ Medicine, or Science which is pitiful. Discovery is to assess the content of the article of the journal where it is published (2016 Retrovirology 1:35 p.m.) and not by the reputation of the journal !!


C.106 Regard sur la 21°Conférence internationale sur le Sida –AIDS 2016- Durban 18-22 Juillet 2016

Cette conférence mondiale, grande foire commerciale servant les intérêts des lobbys pharmaceutiques,  a réuni 18000 participants et plus de 2000 présentations orales et posters d’intérêt très disparate . Malheureusement la part de la recherche  clinique (18% des présentations) recule depuis la dernière conférence au profit  de la prévention, l’épidémiologie, le social, le légal et les droits de l’homme.

  • Le congrès  a rappellé l’engagement d’atteindre l’objectif 90-90-90 (90%de personnes diagnostiquées, 90% de diagnostiqués traités, 90% avec une charge virale indetectable).Aujourd’hui 17millions diagnostiqués( moins de 50%), 46% traités et 38% indetectables.
  • Le financement nécessaire pour atteindre l’objectif 90-90-90 culminera à plus de 19 milliards de dollars l’année prochaine, mais chutera ensuite à 18 milliards en 2020.

Pour la prévention la PrEP, reste fortement recommandée pour les groupes les plus exposés, alors que le préservatif de coût dérisoire et sans toxicité ne fait l’objet d’aucune campagne efficace. La circoncision a fait l’objet de nombreuses présentations alors qu’une étude montre que la circoncision  masculine ne protège en rien la femme de la contamination(THPEC215)


Une étude (THPEB063) , retardée pendant 6 ans par l’ANRS , basés sur les résultats publiés par le Prof. J Leibowitch, compare  un traitement de 7jours  sur 7 à un traitement  4 jours sur 7 avec 2 nucléosides  + un inhibiteur de protéase/ritonavir ou un INNRTI. Sur une durée de 48 semaines les deux bras de l’essai conduisent à 96% à une charge virale indétectable.  Le retard dans la mise en place de cet essai  est condamnable et montre le disfonctionnement et le manque de réactivité  de l’ANRS qui par ce retard a entrainé un coût inutile pour notre système de santé et aggravé les effets indésirables des trithérapies pour les patients. Signalons enfin qu’une étude présentée à la CROI(C.94) en 2015 a montré qu’un traitement 2 jours sur 7 était tout aussi éfficace. Avec la possibilité de drastiques économies de santé avec ce protocole, il serait possible de financer sans effort supplémentaire l’objectif 90-90-90 !

Les recommandations de l’OMS, toujours aux ordres des lobbys restent de traiter tout séropositif dès qu’il a connaissance de sa séropositivité, quel que soit son taux de  CD4(THPEB057) et d’intégrer la PrEP dans la prévention.

Très  peu de présentations, sans intérêt majeur, concernent les traitements complémentaires et médecines traditionnelles( on aimerait connaitre le taux de censure des travaux soumis dans ce domaine !)

Une présentation sur l’intérêt de supplémentation en micronutriments et antioxydants est en décalage complet avec la réalité des patients. En effet alors que la seropositivité est accompagnée de déficits manifestes (bêta-carotène, VitamineB, C, E et Sélénium,Cuivre, Zinc, anti-oxydants), l’étude(THPEB081)compare un groupe avec un supplémentation ajustant  à la dose journalière recommandée et un groupe fortement supplémenté. Les auteurs n’observent aucune différence, ce qui n’implique nullement que la supplémentation même excessive soit sans intérêt.

D’autres résultats sur les bénéfices de l’activité physique(THPEB080)  n’apportent rien par rapport à des études publiées depuis plus de 10 ans

En phytothérapie, deux études :

- l’une sur la feuille de Moringa oleifera(THPEB078)montre, associée à des antiviraux, un effet subclinique avec une prise de poids

-l’autre sur la naringin(WEPEB095).Cette substance naturelle permet de reverser le dysfonctionnement des cellules beta-pancréatiques associé aux inhibiteurs de protéase.

Une  grande avancée  dans le diagnostic est apportée par l’auto-test. Ainsi une étude menée chez des homosexuels et bisexuels(fRAC0102) montre que l’auto-test permet de doubler le taux de personnes diagnostiquées

La guérison du VIH est affichée comme une priorité pour la recherche mais celle-ci continue à explorer des voies en impasse (un médicament pour réveiller les réservoirs latents des cellules infectées au VIH, un médicament pour éviter la prolifération du VIH, et un troisième médicament pour empêcher le VIH d’infecter de nouvelles cellules lorsque les réservoirs latents sont stimulés).

Le Dr Anthony Fauci, directeur de l’Institut National Américain des Allergies et des Maladies Infectieuses, s’est même risqué à déclarer que la recherche sur la guérison du VIH se trouvait à peu près au même stade que le traitement anti-VIH en 1990.

Il est stupéfiant que les travaux du Dr Prakash(C.92 sur ce site) qui a guéri  plusieurs dizaines de patients, avec un recul  de plus de 6 ans sans traitement pour le premier patient traité, ne soient ni pris en compte ni vérifiés et que l’abstract qu’il a soumis à cette conférence  ait été refusé !

Concernant les vaccins prophylactiques ou thérapeutiques aucune avancée significative n’est ressortie de cette conférence. Il nous faut par contre insister sur le vaccin thérapeutique mis au point par E.P.Loret (C.104 sur ce site), vaccin ignoré dans cette conférence et dénigré  dans la presse sans le moindre  scrupule et argument scientifique, par le Prof. J.F Delfraissy Directeur de l’ANRS. Celui-ci reproche  aux auteurs de ce brevet de ne pas l’avoir publié dans les grandes revues scientifiques telles que Nature ou Science ce qui est pitoyable. Une découverte est à évaluer par le contenu de l’article de la revue scientifique où il est  publié (Retrovirology 2016 13:35) et non par la notoriété de la revue !!


                 aidsmap conference news

C.105bis- conference Analysis CROI 2016- Seattle (23 / 02-26 / 02/2016)
POSITIFS, unable to get to the conference for financial reasons, this analysis is made from the information provided by the NAM association we thank and Abstracts for the conference online.

This international conference aimed rather than make significant therapeutic advances, to promote and expand the existing antiviral prescription, but with some new molecules, compelling results on the treatment of Hepatitis C, PrEP, but unfortunately no new HIV eradication track out systematic failures explored ways and little progress to alleviate the toxicity of antiviral drugs.

It is amazing that on a plethora of work presented (over 1000études) by thousands of researchers and invested huge sums, none brings a critical waiting for early response of patients, namely the eradication of the virus or an effective preventive or therapeutic vaccine. Overall, everything happens as if the only goal of the research-driven pharmaceutical lobbies and their national and international political allies was to convince HIV patients taking HAART after the announcement of his HIV status, and keep for life, and for any individual HIV-negative sexually active, make a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), namely a reduced antiviral treatment (monotherapy) for life!

In the plethora of information floating interest include:

The Pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP remains little used, despite the propaganda of the lobbies and associations they finance. And only 5% of Americans use. More a case of contamination of a person strictly observing the treatment was introduced (Gus Cairns), which discredits this prophylaxis. This case should encourage authorities and associations fighting against AIDS to promote strongly the condom, which remains the only effective prevention, non-toxic and a very low cost.

A phase 2 trial (Liz Highleyman) demonstrated the feasibility of making the least restrictive treatment for patients with the injection of two antivirals (cabotegravir and rilpivirine) for long life every 4 or 8 weeks. By comparison with daily oral treatment showed comparable efficacy.

Another simple and effective treatment is presented by Cindy L. Vavro with dolutegravir (Abstract 609). It is shown that monotherapy with dolutegravir possible.

A treatment lasting protecting HIV, effective on monkeys, was developed by the American team of Michael Farzan (Abstract 528). This exciting work requires additional studies on product safety among both macaques and humans.

Another trial of a therapeutic vaccine was led by Felipe Garcia team of Barcelona Hospital Clinic. In the tests conducted on forty patients who interrupted their antiretroviral therapy, the vaccine was able to temporarily control the virus replication with a maximum reduction in viral load of more than 90% compared to the initial charge. This result is similar to the response obtained with monotherapy using antiretroviral drugs "that act, they, by inhibiting at different stages of the HIV replication mechanism. This vaccine provides a breakthrough in the fight against AIDS because it avoids temporarily taking daily medication for life, "which causes discomfort to the patients due to possible toxic effects in the long term, added to its high economic costs," notes the research team. However, the only vaccine helps reduce viral load for a maximum of one year period after which patients must take anti-retroviral drugs.

We should also mention a study (Keith Alcorn) on the benefits of vaccination with Gardasil to protect from HPV-associated anal cancer. Not only vaccination has no benefit on the risk of cancer, but mostly it exposes the patient to major risks caused by vaccination that the scientific community chooses to ignore (see our website C.103).

Several hundred presentations on patients co-infected HIV / HCV but surprisingly only about twenty patients with access to treatment sofosbuvir / Simeprevir which almost always allows healing. Recall that the labs extort bankrupt health systems of developed countries with high prices leading to a shameful selection of patients with access. Note that some French patients are encouraged to order their treatment in India or Egypt where generics are 100 times cheaper!

Simultaneously with the conference real hope was born with the announcement of a therapeutic vaccine for the startup Biosantech based on a patent of the CNRS (see this site C.104), hope that adds Dr. Prakask eradication treatment superbly ignored by the world of orthodox research (see this site C.92).
C.104 bis- HIV therapeutic vaccine - Biosantech-Erwann Loret patent- Unjustifiable attacks

Interest in the tat protein of the HIV virus as part of a therapeutic vaccine goes back to Dr. Zagury of the work in 1998 (Zagury JF et al Antibodies to the HIV-1 Tat protein correlated with nonprogression to AIDS: a. Rationale for the use of Tat toxoid as HIV-1 vaccine annually. J. Hum. Virol. 4, 282-292)

A CNRS researcher Erwann Loret continued and expanded research on the Tat protein and filed a patent (Vaccine HIV-1 comprising all or part of the protein HIV-1 tat CA 2370563 C) 12 April 2000. It is regrettable that a potentially patent as promising for patients and public finances has not been developed by CNRS in emergency or other government agencies and sold to the startup Biosantech

The HIV vaccine developed by Biosantech target Tat, a protein produced by cells infected with the HIV virus. Tat is a protein expressed in early stages of infection. Antiretroviral treatment does not block the secretion of Tat. A variant of the Tat protein, called Tat OYI, was isolated from a Gabonese patient carrier of the HIV virus but healthy. Tat OYI has mutations that had not been observed in other variants; it would a good immune response, hence the idea of ​​using it for a vaccine.

Different approaches have been used to obtain a vaccine against Tat and clinical trial Biosantech uses the variant Tat OYI. Experiments in rabbits immunized with Tat OYI showed the production of antibodies recognizing not only Tat but also OYI Tat variants other subtypes of HIV.  In addition, a Tat vaccine OYI has a protection in macaques.

The vaccine Tat OYI makes the virus undetectable in three patients

After being tested in animals, the vaccine started being evaluated in humans in 2013 (after approval by the National Agency for AIDS Research). The clinical trial was conducted in Marseille under the direction of Isabelle Ravaux. 48 infected patients for over ten years participated. They were divided into four groups: a placebo group (12 patients) and three groups testing different doses. Triple therapy was stopped to see the reaction of the virus.

The results presented to the press by Biosantech and researcher Erwann Loret indicate that the vaccine candidate has achieved undetectable levels of virus in HIV-positive patients.  According to the researcher, "it saves 70 years of triple therapy to patients." The results should be published soon in the journal Retrovirology. According to the press release of the company, in three patients, the viral DNA was undetectable 24 months after injection with 33 micrograms of vaccine. The aim is to eliminate reservoirs cells and thus treat the disease by combining the vaccine with the triple therapy.

The media and officials of AIDS, the Director of ANRS, Jean-François Delfraissy  in particular, hesitate between a major scientific breakthrough and a single communication campaign designed to reassure investors or potential industrial? The start-up that raised funds by Internet crowdfunding would research partners, as explained by L'Usine Nouvelle last November. The company plans to carry out a larger trial in 2016 to seek authorization to market in 2018.

What is most shocking is the angry reaction of the Director of ANRS that instead of questioning the results announced by a brilliant researcher and recognized the CNRS and require publication in a refereed journal (which  is not a guarantee of honesty) would support and fund the emergency and with enthusiasm, a confirmation test of the discovery. This behavior is unfortunately a common attitude in the world of research where talented researchers are hampered by formatted directions without daring.

Finally emphasize that if this discovery was confirmed, then all the small world that lives comfortably with AIDS funds (ANRS, associations, UNAIDS) will make the resistance not to disappear.

Publication of  Erwann Loret on his  vaccine: Retrovirology 2016 13:35

Dr. Adrien Caprani, Honorary Research Director at the CNRS, a former member of the Commission "Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics" the National Committee of the CNRS


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